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Pictures From Our Trip to Armstrong Radio Tower

Pictures of the Armstrong tower erected in 1937.

Pictures from the museum that is located in the W2XMN building at the Tower site, located in Alpine New Jersey.

Group club pictures in front of the W2XMN building.

Some random pictures located inside the W2XMN museum.

Richard Lee presenting Mr. Charles Sackermann a radiocraft magazine dated 1937 which includes a picture of the Armstrong tower. Mr. Sackermann was nice enough to give us a tour of the W2XMN building which was Armstrong's original site for his FM radio station and laboratory, call sign W2XMN, which was located on the FM dial at 44.1 MHz

A picture of Steve Hemphill, who designed and built this state of the art tube FM transmitter, which will transmit at 44.1MHz sometime in December or January.